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  • Resistant otitis (ear infection)

Wellness exams are beneficial in helping keep your pet strong and healthy. We offer parasite screening, heartworm tests, eyes and ears check, and a thorough exam of the physical well-being of your pet. 

Digital X-Rays
We now specialize in digital x-rays. These radiographs can help in evaluating most internal organs and bone structures. 

Diagnostic & In House Lab Services
Our hospital is equipped to provide in house lab services including urinalysis, bloodwork, cytology, and more. If your pet requires a further diagnosis, we can send out specimen samples to assure they are getting accurate treatment. 

Our veterinarians perform routine surgeries including spays, neuter/castration, declaw, and dental/horse floats. Tumor removal, stitches/wound repair, hernia repair, cherry eye fix, amputation, some orthopedic repairs, ear hematoma repair, eye repairs and bladder stone removal are many of the advanced surgeries our doctors are capable of performing. On the chance your pet needs extensive surgery, we will refer you to a recommended specialist. 

Vaccinations help build your pet's immunity against certain diseases and illnesses. We recommend getting your pet vaccinated annually to prevent them from getting sick. Our hospital provides several vaccinations for most animal species. 

Our ultrasound machine can assist the veterinarians in routine scans and helps guide biopsies. 

Marion Animal Hospital provides hospitalization for animals in need of extra care. Hospitalization can include IV fluids, injections, blood transfusions, and close monitoring of your pet. 

We use Rescue microchipping, which is a universal microchip. Ask us about the advantages of microchipping your pets. 

Our laser therapy is beneficial for post surgical treatments, acute injuries, chronic arthritis, and infection control in our patients. 

Farm Call Service
Our veterinarians will make large animal farm calls if needed. We prefer to see all animals at our hospital, but can schedule farm calls with a veterinarian if needed. We have accommodations for horses, but unfortunately do not have accommodations for cattle at our hospital. We ask that if a farm call is ever needed, your animals be pinned, stabled or confined, and a squeeze chute and head gate are required for cattle. A person above 18 years of age must be present at time of farm call. Please call our office for further details and to schedule a farm call. 

Our hospital is supplied with a variety of pharmaceutical products. If we do not carry the medication, we will call in a prescription to a local or speciality pharmacy. 

We offer dental services including teeth cleaning, teeth extractions, and sealant. Our veterinarians will examine and recommend dental work  when needed. 

Heartworm Treatment
We always recommend getting your dogs heartworm tested annually and be put on a heartworm regimen. We offer Heartgard, Advantage Multi, Proheart and Trifexis for heartworm prevention. In the event your dog is tested positive for heartworms, our veterinarians can discuss with you some treatment plans. Heartworms are transferred through mosquitos, so make sure your dogs stay protected! 

Emergency Care
If an emergency situation happens to your pet, we provide an opportunity for you to drop your pet off in our care. Our veterinarians will take necessary measurements to help stabilize your pet. Your pet may be required to stay the entire day if bloodwork, IV fluids or surgery is required, or may be hospitalized for observational reasons. 

Large and Exotic Animals
Our veterinarians are experienced in working with large and exotic animals. They have worked on a variety of animals including lizards, birds, horses, cattle, llamas, camels, turtles/tortoises, snakes, rabbits, goats, sheep, rodents, ferrets, turkeys, chickens, zebras, kangaroos, and more. However, the state law permits us from working on wild animals.